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Tyecat Solutions LLC has a variety of cold-air balloon floats and costumes that are available for use in your parade or special event. Let our team work with your event organizers to find the right combination of floats and costumes that align with your event theme.

At Tyecat Solutions LLC we provide onsite services and support when you higher us to put our cold-air balloon floats and costumes in your parade or special event. We manage the set-up, drive the floats and provide spotters, organize costume distribution and recovery, and take care of the brake-down of the equipment at the end of the event.

We have fifteen years of experience in the parade and special event industry helping with staging area set-up, participant staging, and overseeing the parade start and step off. Tyecat Solutions LLC was founded in June of 2020 to provide cold-air balloon floats and costumes for use in parades or special events.

We have twenty-one cold-air balloon floats and over one-thousand costumes to choose from. Take a look at our website and see the variety of items we have to offer. We work with small events to large events. Give us the opportunity to make your event even more spectacular.